What is Winning With Numbers?

Every child needs to acquire number knowledge just like they do phonic knowledge.  Winning With Numbers provides access to a structured and systematic programme for number, expert instruction, self-learning resources and training for teachers and parents.  The programme builds a strong and correct foundation that children need to achieve higher standards in mathematics.  Winning With Numbers identifies 300 pieces of number knowledge and lines them up in a perfect straight-line sequence of learning.  The Winning With Numbers curriculum is simple to use moving from one Win at a time and all 300 parts come with a comprehensive suite of digital teaching, learning and training resources that can be used in school and at home.  Watch the video to find out more.

What is Winning With Numbers?

What's Included?

A learning platform dedicated to number fluency:
1. 300 Sequential Teaching Videos
2. 1200 Explicit Instruction Teaching Videos
3. 10s of Thousands of Online Practice & Retrieval Questions
4. Online Learner Feedback, Support & Awards
5. Progress tracking for individuals, groups and school
6. 300 Integrated Professional Development Videos

Why Use WWN?

There are three top-level learning outcomes that arise from using the WWN program:
1) The child acquires Number Knowledge, which is valuable to have acquired for its own sake.
2) It dramatically improves the child's overall cognitive processing ability.
3) It allows the child to access mathematical ideas and problems at a much higher level.

The Daily Session

The simple, straight-line sequence of learning is incredibly easy to use. It allows you to instantly see which new piece of Number Knowledge is coming next; and, when it does, each of these 300 sequential pieces of Number Knowledge comes with its own suite of online videos and questions. These resources can be shown directly in class or used to inform your own input.

Track child's progress

Easy to Use Tracking Systems

Daily progressive questions will drive your teaching and save you time. If children do complete their questions online, in class or at home, the dashboard updates in real time; providing clear and meaningful data.


Schools can access the WWN program through subscription to the School Platform, providing unlimited access to all resources and tracking of students. Individual teacher subscriptions are also available.

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Children of subscribing schools have unlimited access to this fluency program at home; otherwise, we also offer access on an individual child/family basis.

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Y3 Teacher, Cardiff

Anything by Ben gets my vote! He understands children, teachers, workload and numeracy. He made me want to teach maths rather than fear it.


Maths Leader, Harrogate

The Winning With Numbers training was fantastic. I'm still blown away with how brilliant the platform is and I'm excited to be getting going with it.


Class Teacher, West Wales

What Ben doesn't know about maths and the way we teach it...!!! Think this will be a game changer for the way we teach maths!


Maths Tutor, Ireland

All the students I work with are loving Winning With Numbers and the 'Be the Expert' videos are brilliant for preparing me for each session.


Home-Educating, South Wales

My daughter is really enjoying Winning With Numbers and it is showing me the gaps she has in her knowledge. It has been really good going back to fill the gaps. She loves getting the celebration videos when she does well. She smiles so much! I never thought it meant this much to her but it definitely does!