FREE Addition Fact You Vs You Resources

Our free Winning With Numbers Addition Fact You Vs You resources can be accessed by sending a request via our Contact Form. We will send the resources directly to your email. Each You Vs You addition fact level includes a Teacher Guide, question sheets, answer sheets, certificates and video links to be used in class.

'Teach Me!' Videos

There are 300 'Teach Me!' videos. These can be shown in class, with children viewing them again at home for further reinforcement. Parents will be delighted to see the exact same teaching input and messages their child received at school, along with their clear and definite progress in both conceptual understanding and recall ability.

'Goal' Videos

Each 'Teach Me!' video leads into shorter 'Goal' videos that break the overall piece of Number Knowledge down into small attainable goals. Goal videos typically model worked examples, then enter straight into precision online questions.

Online Questions

There are online questions linked to each instructional 'Goal' video, followed by practice questions for that overall win, then questions that retrieve recent wins. The teacher dashboard settings allow you to maintain reasonable time limits for each question, switch the timer off altogether, or aim for true automaticity by choosing a shorter time limit.

The 'Remind Me' Feature

If a child does not meet the threshold for passing on to the next stage, the system will direct them back to the specific place where their knowledge gap is from. There, they can access personalised instruction and practice, before returning to attempt the original set of questions again.

'Be the Expert' Videos

These planning videos add great detail to the teacher's pedagogical content knowledge. The videos are light and easy to watch, yet carry deep points that need to be embedded into whole-school practice. There is a constant emphasis on explaining both the macro and micro levels of the learning sequences. This way, very early into the implementation of the WWN program, the whole staff team will become perfectly organised, sharing the same, accurate, view of progression.

Hundreds of clear teaching videos

Win #280 teaches children to round numbers with 2 decimal places to the nearest 1 decimal place

Perfect for supporting home learning

Win #230 teaches children to count in multiples of 30, 40, 300 and 400

Online learning for maths

Easy access to hundreds of videos

Teachers can quickly navigate to find the suite of videos to match their teaching. These can be shown in class, allocated for homework viewing to lead straight into follow on questions...or both!

Partners & Awards

Winning With Numbers works to collaborate with others to improve the life chances of young people.  Winning With Numbers is delighted to partner with some highly effective organisations .  If you would like to partner with us, please do get in touch.