What's Included in the Platform?

This video shows a quick overview of the 5 Platform Tools:
1. 300 Sequential Teaching Videos
2. 1200 Explicit Instruction Teaching Videos
3. 10s of Thousands of Online Practice & Retrieval Questions
4. Online Learner Feedback & Support
5. 300 Integrated Professional Development Videos


Sequenced Teaching Videos

These highly visual ‘Teach Me!’ videos explain key concepts and ideas to children. They are mapped to each of the 300 pieces of Number Knowledge. They can be used in planning, shown within lessons and viewed again as homework.


Explicit Instruction Goal Videos

The 300 pieces of knowledge are broken down into even smaller goals. Each of these 1200 goals has its own short instructional video that leads into precision online Goal Questions with user feedback; ideal for highly structured and visual homework.

Practice & Retrieval Questions

Success with the final set of Goal Questions unlocks a bank of Practice Questions; further success here unlocks the Retrieval Questions. Again, children can complete these both at school and at home. Assessment is automated, feeding straight into the teacher dashboard.

Online Learner Feedback & Support

The learner receives actionable feedback from the platform on all sets of questions. If necessary, the 'Remind-Me' feature allows the child to instantly go back to the precise earlier point of their learning gap to receive video instruction and practice questions. This can all happen independently, in the classroom and at home!


Sustained & Integrated Professional Development Videos

WWN also provides a further 300 unique and detailed videos for teachers, explaining how each piece of Number Knowledge fits into the bigger journey and giving ideas for supporting and extending learning. Overall, this video book amounts to well over 10 hours of teacher professional development.

Staff training

Staff Training & Support

The WWN sequence of learning is driven by globally recognised features of Great Teaching; Cognitive Load Theory, Retrieval Practice and Explicit Instruction. The creator of WWN, Ben Harding, can be booked for face-to-face staff training, either in school or in video conference. Subscribing schools have access to ongoing support with expert consultancy.

Join us at Winning With Numbers!

Schools can access the WWN platform by purchasing platform seats for their learners. This annual subscription provides all staff with unlimited access to every resource.  It provides all learners (and parents) with online access to the teaching videos and online questions with responsive feedback. It also gives the school inbuilt assessment and tracking information.

Schools and individual teachers/tutors can sign up below.  Alternatively, if you would like to discuss further you can book a demo of the platform in our calendar using the link below.

School Size

100 Seats

£650 /year
plus VAT or applicable taxes

School Size

101 - 250

£900 /year
plus VAT or applicable taxes

School Size

251 - 500

£1250 /year
plus VAT or applicable taxes

School Size

501 - 1000

£1550 /year
plus VAT or applicable taxes


10 Seats

£199 /year
includes VAT

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