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See Your Child's Progress

The WWN program has 300 pieces of Number Knowledge in a straight line. If your child has won 127 of these, you can expect them to win #128 next! This means you can easily see where your child is on their learning journey and the amount of progress they are making.

Watching the 'Teach Me!' Video

Each new win starts by watching the 'Teach Me!' video. If you choose, you can watch this with your child so that you understand the main ideas and have a clear view of what it looks like when a piece of Number Knowledge has been won. These Teach Me videos are deliberately light, clear and clean to ensure your child does not get distracted and focuses on the teaching points. Of course, you can always watch the video again; pausing it to discuss the ideas and share questions.

Watching the 'Goal' Video

The 'Teach Me!' video leads straight into the 'Goal' videos. Each win has up to 5 of these videos. These short videos take a smaller learning point from the overall win and models precisely to the child how they can complete the task that will follow. Each Goal video leads straight into online questions, identical to the ones that were modelled and discussed in the video. The Goal videos progress on from each other, building up to the child winning this piece of Number Knowledge.

Helping Your Child by Understanding the Teaching

The home learning platform also gives you access to the 'Be the Expert' videos. These video allows you to go deeper, if you choose, into the teaching strategies that are being used for every win. Remember, WWN 'Is like Phonics for Maths!'; just as many parents now understand phonics, WWN encourages parents to find out more about how their child's brain is developing Number Knowledge. You might also have the urge to complete the online questions and zoom along the 300 wins yourself!

If Your Child Needs Extra Support

If your child keeps watching to the end of each 'Teach Me!' video, they will find the 'Remind Me' segment. Here, you can see precisely where to go back to if your child has some knowledge gaps. The platform allows you to simply click on the relevant Number Knowledge ball, instantly taking your child to the personalised teaching input they need.

Maths support

Tens of Thousands of Different Questions

There are sets of online questions for every win. For example, at Win #103 (Goal 2) children have to drag onscreen counters to show the arrangement of 6 + 3 on a 10 frame, deriving the total. This helps them feel and see the number relationship in readiness for recalling 6 + 3 = 9 as a number fact at Win #105.

Live Online Tuition

The animated tutoring programme can be followed at home independently. However, if you would like to book a Winning With Numbers Tutor to work with your child through the programme then please do get in touch.

Qualified, enthusiastic teachers, who are trained in the Winning With Numbers programme, use high tech resources to deliver enjoyable tutoring sessions that will ensure your child makes progress and builds confidence. Your child will also benefit from access to the software to practice between their tutoring sessions and you will be able to watch their progress.

Join us at Winning With Numbers

If you would like to register your child/ren for this animated tutoring programme, click on the relevant box for the number of subscriptions you would like to purchase.  Use the code: WINNING23 to get a 50% discount.  Alternatively, if you would like to book live online tutoring sessions with your own qualified Winning With Numbers Tutor, please use the email address below and we will can discuss the next steps to meet your specific needs.



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