Teaching Number Knowledge (TNK) is the specific way of teaching that provides the largest gains in a learner’s Number Knowledge. Some features of TNK are part of a wider ‘great teaching’ skillset that can be applied to the teaching of most subjects. However, many features of TNK are bespoke teaching techniques and principles that are a response to the unique features of the domain of Number Knowledge and the way a learner acquires Number Knowledge.

This blog page aims to provide a teaching hub that supports a teacher through their own learning journey, gradually developing their own elite TNK expertise. You do not need to agree with everything that appears, since even in disagreement you will be strengthening your knowledge of TNK. If you wish to contribute to this page or have a signpost to your own resources that users may find useful, please make contact with us by emailing WWN@hardingeducation.com.

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Barriers to Primary Maths 1

You could forgive those outside primary education for being perplexed by the fact many schools can’t seem to nail down primary mathematics success; especially where reading success exists.

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Maths Anxiety: Is cognitive load to blame?

Eight things you MUST know

#3 How to unlock a world of Number Knowledge

#5 Use I do, We do, You do, How do you know?

#6: Worksheets can kill your fluency gains

#7 Unleashing the power of Retrieval and Transfer

#8 Old Knowledge add Old knowledge equals New Knowledge

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