Why choose Winning With Numbers?

Winning With Numbers has been created by people who understand school leadership, curriculum design, teaching and learning and home-school links.  The Winning With Numbers platform provides engaging videos and online questions that replicate the fast-paced responses required in direct teaching, providing the perfect follow-up for independent learning in class or at home. When learning independently, children are able to easily access feedback and precision-pitched support. WWN is a fully-resourced platform for blended learning and staff training; designed specifically to be the perfect solution for teaching essential Number Knowledge in a daily whole class session, for intervention and for homework.  Some WWN benefits:

'Teach Me!' videos and Instructional Goal videos can be played in class, and watched again at home.

Every question is assessed online, with actionable feedback provided instantly.

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Control crucial settings, such as time limits for response time.

Track progress with infographics showing positions of learners along the straight-line learning journey.

Learn from hundreds of professional development videos and share and discuss with others.

Who we are and what we believe

Winning With Numbers is created by Ben Harding. The entire program is based on 4 fundamental beliefs:

  • We believe that basic Number Knowledge is best acquired through a systematic and synthetic (as in ‘putting together pre-existing parts’) construction.
  • We believe that the biggest driver for success is the accuracy, detail and sophistication held within the sequence of learning.
  • We believe that explicit and direct instruction is the most efficient teaching strategy for this curriculum domain.
  • We believe that digital technologies provide a crucial role in maintaining a ‘high press’ on multi-part cognitive processing speed in the absence of face-to-face teaching.
Ben Harding

Ben Harding

Ben has great expertise in teaching Number Knowledge and in Education Technology. Having been headteacher of 3 schools, he went on to author numerous teaching books, work with Ofsted as a school inspector and has delivered Number Knowledge training to thousands of teachers internationally. Ben is the co-founder and director of Winning With Numbers.

Bethan Harding

Bethan Harding MBE

Bethan is a school leadership expert, and was awarded an MBE by Queen Elizabeth II for her outstanding service to Education. She has been a primary Headteacher and a co-principal in a 3-18 school. As a primary Headteacher her school was the first in Wales to be awarded 15 out of 15 excellent judgements by inspectors. Bethan is the co-founder and director of Winning With Numbers.

Why WWN Exists

Winning With Numbers exists for 4 reasons:

  • WWN exists to improve the life chances of learners by providing them with learning experiences necessary for an early and super-efficient development of Number Knowledge automaticity.
  • WWN exists to provide teachers with instant access to the teaching sequences, strategies and blended-learning resources to act on the above beliefs and reduce workload.
  • WWN exists to provide school leaders with a high performing and continually strengthening, transparent system for securing essential Number Knowledge, eliminating variations within school.
  • WWN exists to empower parents to be highly productive facilitators in the process of their children acquiring Number Knowledge.

Let's discuss!

We like nothing more than talking about how to teach children number! If you'd like to discuss how WWN can impact on your numeracy outcomes, or have any further questions, then please contact us to arrange a call.

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The WWN sequence of learning is driven by globally recognised features of Great Teaching; Cognitive Load Theory, Retrieval Practice and Explicit Instruction. The creator of WWN, Ben Harding, can be booked for specialised number-fluency staff training, either in school or by video conference.

Ben and Bethan can also be booked for general consultancy work.

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Partners & Awards

Winning With Numbers works to collaborate with others to improve the life chances of young people.  Winning With Numbers is delighted to partner with some highly effective organisations .  If you would like to partner with us, please do get in touch.