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My Dream PedTech Curriculum!

Have you noticed that often we are given a curriculum to teach and then set about finding or making resources to teach it? Can you imagine breaking out of this?

If you believe pedagogy (the way we teach) can be advanced through technology, imagine designing a curriculum and a digital teaching resource that is morphed together from inception!

This is precisely what I did. It took me over 6 months to fuse together the sequence of learning and the digital architecture, prior to even starting work on creating the pedagogical content.

This process allowed me to create a PedTech curriculum that provides teachers with:

  • a clear, atomised, digitally represented, sequence of learning where connections and interconnections between ideas can immediately be navigated between.
  • 1500 animated video lessons for curriculum content requiring a predictable ‘direct instruction’ mode of teaching.
  • a curriculum driven by the principles of cognitive load, supporting teachers to be addressing whole classes where expected background knowledge is securely in place.
  • layers of systematic retrieval built into the learning design and resource, ensuring new ideas can expand organically, and with high-end retrieval practice automated.
  • a blended learning resource that can be used in direct teaching, independent learning or homework without any break in teacher or student workflow.
  • an automated system for providing actionable feedback to learners that is diagnostic, perfectly precise and offers intervention input through a bespoke teaching video.
  • a teaching process that involves and educates parents at every level and at every moment, taking quality teaching into the home like never before.
  • an ongoing PD programme that is hardwired into the curriculum and platform, providing detailed teacher instruction videos for every small step of progression.
  • a single self-populating tracking system that provides teachers with all the guidance information they need (no more marking!), a tracking and reward system for pupils, and simple yet powerful whole-school Infographics for school leaders.

One of the themes you can see here is that technology allows us to hand over more and more of the expert teaching process to the platform. In other words, the learning platform can do what the teacher would do if they were with learners face to face. This is many times more powerful when the curriculum design and the PedTech is perfectly aligned through design.

Is there anything missing? What else would you include in your dream PedTech curriculum? if you’d like to see this curriculum brought to life then check out and if you’d like to discuss this with me in more detail then please choose a time in my calendar Book a 1:1 Demo – Winning with Numbers (

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