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Head and Heart: Sleeping Soundly?

This is the first September Sunday evening in 22 years that I am not thinking about staff INSET, whilst also writing a ‘welcome back’ letter to parents, pulling together the final elements of the first assembly and worrying about parent X walking through the doors again!

Or maybe I am?!  Guess what…I’m missing it!

I am sure we can all relate to school being the last thought on our mind as we sleep and the first thought on our mind as we wake!

We all know, but often forget, that these thoughts impact our day and our wellbeing and even the wellbeing of those around us…both at school and at home!

The job is tough yet rewarding.  It is exhausting yet invigorating.  Demanding yet impactful.  It is challenging yet fruitful.  Tiring yet energising. It is overwhelming yet uniting. Complex yet simply the best!

We must go to bed with the positives in our mind and we must wake with those too! Do what works for you and consciously ensure you go to bed and wake with the right mindset.  Add a moment of silence too and take time to just be.

All this for your own wellbeing and the wellbeing of those around you.

Have the best start and know there is always support and love in education! 🤍

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