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Book Review: Explicit and Direct Instruction


Edited by Adam Boxer (published by John Catt, 2019)

This is a very useful little book to have read if you are new into Explicit & Direct Instruction. It very clearly outlines the key pieces of research that make it an ‘evidence informed guide for teachers’. In fact, by the time you have read Adam Boxer’s (@adamboxer1) excellent introduction you have grasped all the main ideas. From then on, it’s all about the detail underneath. I particularly liked this quote from Hannah Stoten (now working high up in Ofsted as HMI and subject lead for early mathematics). Notice how Hannah picks up on an idea that’s familiar to this website, i.e. that teaching essential Number Knowledge to young children is best seen as being ‘like phonics for Maths‘:

Using a direct instruction programme of mathematics education in Reception and Year 1 would provide the same high level of instruction and practice as the teaching of systematic phonics does and could potentially radically change, for the better, the attainment profiles of at-risk as well as traditionally high achieving groups.’ (p. 128)



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